Honeyzz Diabetes Support Group is a small, unincorporated community organisation which was set up in June 2002 to provide self-help support to members living with the condition of Diabetes, their carers and anyone interested in Diabetes.



Our Mission

To empower and raise the awareness of Diabetes in our community.

Our Vision

To reduce the gaps in current services so that we can evidence the fact that no member is without adequate and satisfactory care for their diabetes.

Our Support Group

Currently, Honeyzz focuses primarily though not exclusively on the over 50s diabetes community. We cover Kirklees in West Yorkshire, and primarily a 3 mile radius of Huddersfield town centre. Meetings are held twice a month (1st & 3rd Tuesday), bringing together members, volunteers, users and friends to share experiences, stories of lifestyle changes and practical approaches to living with diabetes. The purpose is to provide activities which offer information and empowerment to members. At these sessions, members bring areas of concern to the discussions, and receive shared knowledge, new thinking and ideas.

In brief, Honeyzz:

Enables its members to share and learn from each other’s experiences, and also:

* Provides information via newsletters, a library service, sign-posting and leaflet on diabetes
* Provide a lending library of books, videos and CD’s
* Provide regular talks from healthcare professionals
* Discuss healthy eating and lifestyle options.

The benefits to members include an increased knowledge, awareness and understanding of diabetes and, resulting from that, an increased confidence in coping with the condition, beyond a medical regime!